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Witches of the slots

Witches of the slots

Witches of the slots

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Category: Classic Slots App
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2.3 and up


Witches of the slots
Witches of the slots
Witches of the slots


How many witches does it take to win the big jackpot? You will soon find out when you download and play Witches Slots! Spin for the win as witches and skulls and other amulets go whirring past. Match symbols along multiple lines and watch your magic cauldron fill with coins!

★★★★★Game Features★★★★★

Offering 20 reels with HD Graphics.

Payouts across multiple lines, the more lines you play the better the chance you will score that BIG WIN!

Free spins and Sticky Wilds mean lots of winnings in BONUS rounds.

Fill your cauldron with coins from MEGA WINS!

Go for even bigger wins when you level up and the Max Bet increases.

Double Down and win even more coins.

Find a multiplier and like magic you will score even bigger payouts!

Mini Games, Scatter Symbols, and Bonus Coins every four hours!

Did a black cat cross your path? It won’t matter when you play witches slots. You will feel like magic is on your side as you see your winnings piling up. Spooky witches flying by on their broomsticks are no match for you as you make your way to the Bonus Round where your free spins just seem to keep on coming. The witches’ book of magic will be at your fingertips as you cast your spell and WIN BIG!

Green-faced witches in their black dresses are stirring up a bubbly brew in their shiny black cauldrons. Eye of toad and tail of newt and all of those other spooky ingredients have been thrown in to create the perfect spooky stew. Will their potion be the one to help you hit the JACKPOT? These witches won’t let you down. Soon you will have a pile of coins and more bonuses than you have ever seen. You won’t want to hop on your broom and fly away from Witches Slots when you keep winning spin after spin.

Witches Slots is a free download for your iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or Android device. You won’t need to visit a casino or take a long trip to enjoy Vegas quality slots when you have Witches in the palm of your hand. Have tons of fun, win HUGE PAYOUTS, and cast a spell for a BIG WIN when you download Witches Slots today! You won’t want to put this one down!