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Weather Slots

Weather Slots

Weather Slots

Rating: 2
Category: Classic Slots App
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2.3 and up


Weather Slots
Weather Slots
Weather Slots


Great slot players are always chasing the new games in the market, such as storm hunters are on the move to have their lives at stake, just for the pleasure of going after their dreamed thunderstorm. You are very welcome to Weather Slots, a land where only the smartest and more skillful slot gamers will make it until the end. You´ll ride breathlessly close to a Supercell, feeling the rush of adrenaline through your whole body as you play for the mega prizes and bonuses in this 20 reel slot machine. Great fun awaits just one click away with the brand new Weather Slots!
★★★★ Game Features ★★★★
► The game has some of the finest Mega Wins available in the market
You must take a look to “Other Games” section, with a myriad of great apps.
You can play as many lines as you chose.
►It is a great 20 reels slot machine loaded with HD graphics
► Incomparable Payouts to get you hooked at all times
You will get Lucky Wheel Prizes and Bonus Coins every 4 hours.
Weather Slots is the ideal new mate for all of those who have ever experienced House of Fun, Zeus – Mount Olympus, Wild Wolf-Pack Slot Machine or Arctic Tiger Slot Machine. It´s even more fun than all of them altogether!
The Supercell you´ll see here, a. Solar System. They can last for hours, can arrive in all sizes and usually produce copious amounts of hail, torrential rainfall or strong winds. Sometimes supercells can even spawn dreadful tornados!
Maybe the climate change had something to do with these storms being more and more frequent these days. While others keep damaging the planet, what you get here is 100% pure harmless action with overwhelming HD graphics and superb high quality sound effects. You´ve got to download the Weather Slots app right now and enjoy it in your device!

I saw other guys’ reviews and I can only add this: it´s AWESOME!

When my parents in Florida told me they spent many hours into this game, at first I thought they were kidding. But, once I played it, I definitely loved it!

Weather Slots has been the best discovery of this year for me. I´ve recommended it to anyone I know and all of them are going nuts with it!

It´s such a perfect slot machine! The graphs are so good I thought it was a catastrophe movie.

The only way to drop Weather Slots is when my phone runs out of battery!