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Tourist Holiday in Spain FREE SLOTS

Tourist Holiday in Spain FREE SLOTS

Tourist Holiday in Spain FREE SLOTS

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Tourist Holiday in Spain FREE SLOTS
Tourist Holiday in Spain FREE SLOTS
Tourist Holiday in Spain FREE SLOTS


This is free slot machine with up to 243 wining lines, nudges & the ability to hold just like a fruit machine should.
Packed with many fruit machine and Vegas casino features such as CASH LADDER, BONUS BOARD, DOUBLE OR NOTHING, Lucky Fortune Wheel. Plus Lucky Dip and mini slot games, progressive jackpot, crazy ever increasing mega multipliers and other ways to become a virtual billionaire.
A great unique feature is the random generation and placement of the reel items. Everytime you enter from the main menu , new placements and sets of bonus games will be created. Each time you enter game its a different machine with different bonus games on the reels.
Another unique feature is the symbols give you translations for the language when they stop. Hey you get some free education too – cool huh!
Take control of your game with traditional fruit machine features such as NUDGE AND HOLD to give you the extra chances for great prizes.
Choose from 1-13 winning lines or go for maximum 243 winning line mode for crazy amount of combinations.
Completely free to download and play forever with no need for in-app purchase guaranteed .

The Tourist In Spain Fruit Machine is part of the The Tourist In.
From famous people, buildings, food and sport
We hope you enjoy this style and check out some of the other countries in our tourist series free slot machine.

*Spin the reels with The Tourist In Spain Fruit Machine and win with these classic Spanish symbols:

    Historic currency of Spain. This Spanish COIN = You only need 2. Spanish FLAG=WILD. Wild substitutes most symbols except features and jackpots. Famous Spanish Object = MULTIPLIER. Increases Multiplier, multiplying all wins. Decreases slowly over time. Famous Spanish ICON is scatter symbol and adds to the progressive jackpot.

Fruit Machine games (match 3):

    Cash Ladder, popular in fruit machines uses your fast reflexes to climb up the top for the top cash prize. Bonus Board, also popular in fruit machines gives the chance for many prizes or games. Double or Nothing will take you current bet and double the win. Lucky Fortune Wheel. See where it lands and the prize up to thousands in virtual cash! Lucky Dip. Everyone’s a winner! Choose from either 3 or 5 prizes depending on which lucky dip you get.

Spin those reels full of traditional Spanish things often associated with Spain:

Food and drink symbols: jamon and tapas

Symbols include: Spanish flag, historic clothing as a matador or fan: Sport symbol which is Football,

Spain’s natures symbol: The Toro – Bull.

Famous Spanish icon: the Castanettes and flamenco

Art symbos as in the Dali and Picasso

Famous Spanish building: the Sagrada Famillia

Famous old currency Peseta

Match 4 in a row for a bonus reward.
Match all reels a Jackpot multiplied by you bet.
Jackpots paid plus award based on symbol points.
Free virtual 00 to your bank when you start
Fast Auto Spin
Variable stakes
Actual bet cost is shown
Collect your wining cash to your bank just as a real machine
Everytime you re-enter form main menu, shuffles reels with random placement for a unique machine every app launch
Super fast reel action with rapid auto play.

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