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Slots 2

Slots 2

Slots 2

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2.3 and up


Slots 2
Slots 2
Slots 2


Hundreds of millions of players are downloading Slots (Classic Slot) 2, because they want to feel the experience of one of the top entertainments in the gaming industry. The vintage graphics and sounds will transport the player to the great times of the past casino slots. Get ready for the biggest jackpots and slot action, starting in 3…2…1!

★★★★ Game Features ★★★★

Classic Slots 2 is available for Ipad, Iphone, Android and many tablets.

Play the Scatter mode, that gives you more free spins.

A Fantastic Multilingual User Interface.

Don´t miss the chance to try the Auto Spin.

Bonus Coins every 4 hours, will be there for you!

The Wild Symbols, which replace any other.

It´s scientific: 99. DragonsPlay, Under The Sea – Slots Machine, Slots Machine – Wild Safari HD, Slot Machine Persian Prince and Slots Machine Summer Vacation will have a wonderful time with Slots (Classic Slot) 2.

We are proud to introduce the new Slots (Classic Slot) 2. The concept behind this game is to provide worldwide users the most realistic experience available for those who were never able to play the Top 10 games in the slot industry in the past. You know: those times, where people had to socialize at casinos and, besides, play some slot machines!

Nowadays, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to play these amazing games. Have fun with up to 20 reels, lots of free prizes and use all your senses to enjoy the perfect recreation of the great classics, which our expert designers have made. The high quality graphs and sounds are very difficult to find anywhere else! Don´t let time go by and download Slots (Classic Slot) 2 right now on any device! Do you want to keep reading a little bit?

Slots (Classic Slot) 2 is a wonderful app! Now I know what my father used to play! This game is amazing! It´s very easy to play and to win! What else can I say?
I keep recommending it everyday! Lots of fun and bonus!
I´m a graphic designer and, speaking professionally, Classic Slot 2 is really a very good job. It´s been a wonderful download this year!
I love playing Classic Slots 2! The pictures are so cute!