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Pandora Slot Machine

Pandora Slot Machine

Pandora Slot Machine

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Pandora Slot Machine
Pandora Slot Machine
Pandora Slot Machine


Some of the world’s greatest mysteries may lie ahead… Enter a world of rich legend and thrilling discovery, where taboo cannot hold back curiosity’s command. Break the golden lock with just one fearless swipe of your finger… download Pandora Slots and play now!

★★★★ Game Features ★★★★

Reel Slots with high payouts & MEGA wins!

► The Great Wheel: FREE Prize and Bonus Coin EVERY 4 hours

► Glowing hand-illustrated HD graphics, intense HD sound

Level Up: Free coins, MORE lines, BIGGER bet max!

Double Down on your slot machine wins!

Whirl, whirl!

► Reach new heights with the Boost Multiplier

Wildcards: Let the Fates Decide!

► Line upon line: choose your line count

► The device is foretold: iPhone, Android, iPad, or Tablet

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Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!

Come play with the immortals, then, human, if you are so bold! Dare to explore the paradox within Pandora’s box. The legends do not lie, but the mystery remains, for none know the truth of the secrets of Pandora Slots. What shall be released to the light of day, and what will linger in the slot machine shadows? Do you believe that some things are better left untouched, or will your fascination lead you to new slots adventures?

Formed of clay by divine artistry, Pandora rises from the earth into the dawn of history. Gifted with grace and beauty, craft and wisdom, she was also gifted with… curiosity. Was this a curse, or the greatest gift of all? Riches may be found in unexpected places, and a slot machine game in the palm of your hand is not the least strange trove of all. Find free coins and high payouts without a tiring journey to the land of slot machines that men call Vegas: your slot destiny may manifest magically with Pandora Slots Casino style free slot games!

What god or goddess has blessed this fruit machine with bounteous plenty? Ask not, only treat all you meet with respect as you travel through endless Elysian fields of shining multi-line slot machines and gloriously graphic free casino slots dreams. For hubris may be the downfall of the foolish, and it would not do to offend any among the pantheon! Now spin the wheel of fate, and let your name echo down the corridors of history.

Among free online slots for fun, this game is favored among men, women, and anyone courageous or headstrong enough to enter its enchanted Olympian recesses: it is spellbinding, free to play, and impossible to lose. And share it with your friends: it’s social. Slot machines with bonus dreams are few and far between, download Pandora Slots and play now!