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Megafish – Fish and get Money

Megafish - Fish and get Money

Megafish – Fish and get Money

Rating: 7
Category: Mega Slots App
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4.1 and up


Megafish - Fish and get Money
Megafish - Fish and get Money
Megafish - Fish and get Money


Megafish – The Fastest, Best, Fastest, Best Shooter Game 2018

Megafish – Fishball game brings you to immerse yourself in the vast ocean and glittering aquarium with over 34 different fish species and beautiful mermaids. Guns can be upgraded with 32 types to give you confidence to show off your amazing fishing abilities. You can easily upgrade to the advanced and beautiful guns, experience the same as you are firing real .

Megafish – Shoot the hot rodent super hot rods of 2018 with special features, giving you a real experience in the middle of the vast aquarium.

Just touch the screen and shoot the fish – the mermaid will come around you, cheering and rewarding you with valuable gifts!

No gold – gold can still shoot fish – enjoy the comfort!

In particular, gold out of gold play again – not afraid of running out of gold, not afraid to not play it!

Make daily tasks to earn countless gold – The rate of receiving gold is extremely high!

You also have the experience with the calculation of ballistic road, flight.

Features featured in the game Megafish

✓ Easy to load gold in many forms

✓ Choose more guns, more beautiful in the shop

✓ Every level gained is gold rewarded

✓ Lots of quests are waiting for you – with lots of gold rewarded for your daily tasks to help you get rid of the fish

✓ Multi-color hunting with multiple rooms

✓ Hunt many bosses diverse, beautiful

Use a variety of guns, strange sound for each level LEVEL: firearms, firearms, 3 caliber rounds

✓ Extremely eye-catching 3D design interface

Gift log, daily tasks .

✓ Especially, there are many Boss Terrific variety, beautiful

Energetic friends, exchanges, talk, give gifts even in the play room with all friends across the domain.

✓ Has Fanpage system, Forum and Hotline support 24/24

– Functions in Megafish:

  • Changing guns, bigger guns, the faster the fish, the more gold they earn
  • + Use items: increase the value of fish caught when shooting fish, bombs to fish books to help earn a lot of gold
  • + View other player information and opportunity to make friends
  • Challenge anyone you want while shooting fish and have the opportunity to earn a lot of gold from your opponent
  • + Express your emotions with the hottest chat now and the icons are extremely cute
  • + You can chat cam, chat void delight with your opponent


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