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Kittens Slots

Kittens Slots

Kittens Slots

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Kittens Slots
Kittens Slots
Kittens Slots


Feline admirers, here is your dream come true! Plenty of the most endearing, fluffy, and super soft kittens for you to spin and what’s more—win HUGE payouts at the same time. Enough jazz to give you a super-exciting, super-lovely, and super-wealthy experience. Meow! Meow!

★★★★ Game Features ★★★★

Kittens, kittens, and many more kittens!

Shut up!

► Get more kittens every month—OD on cuteness

► HUGE, and we mean HUGE jackpots

Bonuses thrown in liberally—breeze your way to wealth!

Tremendous number of coins coming your way!

► HD graphics and HD sounds immerse you in this charming world of fun

► Level Up your way through “prettyland” with free coins and extra lines

► Cuteness can overtake you anywhere—iPad, iPhone, Tablet, or Android

Now isn’t this meow-tastic! Becoming a millionaire is now not just thrilling, but also endearing. Feel the rush of endorphins as you work your way through adorable mewing kittens of all colors, shapes, and sizes—ready to melt your heart with their big, glossy, round eyes that seem to look deep inside your soul and grab your spirit with its ethereal grasp.
Of all the fluffy, soft, cuddly beings in this world, nothing can match the sheer cute factor of a kitten. And this feline fix is quenched with a liberal dose of spinning and winning. Find yourself submerged in a never-ending shower of free coins that will help you win many more lines.

There are bonuses galore for an ace player like you who knows what he/she wants and will get it at all costs. Surround yourself with the thrilling and pleasing atmosphere of the game due to its HD graphics and HD sounds that bring everything to life, so close you can almost touch it and feel it.
So, don’t wait any more—this is it! The ultimate slots machine game is here and it’s waiting for you to take the world by storm.