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Gonzo’s Quest!

Gonzo's Quest!

Gonzo’s Quest!

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Gonzo's Quest!
Gonzo's Quest!


Gonzo’s Quest mobile pokie begins with an absolute ripper of an introduction video where we are introduced to Gonzo the Conquistador, the legendary Spanish conqueror who has set out on an adventure to find the Lost City of Gold – Eldorado! Gonzo has chosen you to be his travel mate, as he keeps watch and encourages you to hit the golden jackpot in this exciting video pokie game.

The first thing that is guaranteed to stand out in Gonzo’s Quest is the top class quality of the graphics. This innovative mobile casino game soars above the rest due to the fact that it has replaced the traditional reel spinning with the exciting Avalanche feature. As you place your bet, the ancient symbols fall smoothly down and into place. The winning paylines disappear in a thrilling 3D explosion, making the experience of winning feel that much greater.
Besides the exciting sounds and symbol animations of this mobile casino game, Gonzo is a real cheeky chap, performing a number of hilarious animations to keep the player smiling. If you take too long to place your bet, Gonzo pulls out his map, only to realise that he was reading it upside down. Letting out an amusing grunt, he flips it the correct way. If you hit it big with your Avalanche drop, Gonzo will perform the classic ‘running man’ dance move while staring at you with a rapt gaze.

When the ancient tiles explode, the slot multiplier will be activated, multiplying your winnings one step at a time. The more times you win in a row, the higher the multiplier will go. The steps for the mobile slot multiplier are: x1, x2, x3 and x5. Once you have reached the x5 multiplier, your winnings will continue to be multiplied by five for as long as you keep on winning.

Once you collect 3 Free Fall symbols in a row, the pokies’ symbol table will open with a spiffy animation as Gonzo walks through the opening, taking players to the electrifying Free Fall Feature round. Here players will receive 10 FREE falls, with the slot multiplier value increasing three times, making the new values for the multiplier a whopping x3, x6, x9 and x15! Can you smell those delicious dollars rolling in?

This entertaining mobile pokie also features a wild-symbol which will replace any other ancient symbol, including the Free Fall symbol, making it possible for you to win more often. What are you waiting for, give it a burl and the lost gold of Eldorado can be yours!