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Emojis Slots

Emojis Slots

Emojis Slots

Rating: 5
Category: Emoji Slots App
Pink Zebra Games
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Android Version:
2.3 and up
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Emojis Slots
Emojis Slots
Emojis Slots


Hearts for eyes, vampire fangs and some cool shades! All to let you know how much I love your cool, bloodsucking friends! Emoji Slot Machine has all of your favorite emotions on awesome Slots. Free Spins and Mega wins! Play Now!

Game Features

Emotional MEGA wins!
Reel Slots and YOUR choice of line count!
► FREE Bonus Coin & Lucky Prize Wheel EVERY 4 hours
► Yellow face HD graphics, music symbol HD sound
Level Up: Free coins, MORE lines, BIGGER bet max!
Double Down on your slot machine wins! Wink emoji!
► Bright white teeth emoji auto-spin, free spins and mini games galore
Emoji boost with boost multiplier!
► Monkey emoji is getting wild with Wildcards
Phone! Smiley face! Android! Winkey face! Pad and tablet! Sunglasses face!
Want more great games and cool apps?
Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!

Need to express that you are freaking, super, awesomely excited about online slots? There’s an emoji combo for that. Smiley face with white teeth + cool glasses + jumping monkey should just about sum that up!

Remember the days when you couldn’t text emotion to your friends? You were stuck with a few short words. Well, don’t fret. This aint your grandmas slot game. You can spin all day long – with slots that match your emoji. Every emoji you can imagine on one slot game.

Free coins! Smile face. Double down! Dancing girl. MEGA WIN! Party hats + winkey face + money sign! Emoji slots are the best way to share your excitement with online slots. Those cute little yellow faces are taking the slots world by storm. Are you ready for this?

You can’t help but love Emoji Slot Machine! The sound of the slots is will have you texting its praises. This multi-line slot will keep you playing for hours on end. HD graphics that will make your red face emoji jealous! FREE SPINS, Boost multiplier, Bigger Max Bet and much more. You gotta check this out! And text your friends – they’re going to love it too. Winkey face.