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Dolphins and Whales Slots

Dolphins and Whales Slots

Dolphins and Whales Slots

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Dolphins and Whales Slots
Dolphins and Whales Slots
Dolphins and Whales Slots


Dolphins Slots will get you to know the best of these fantastic animals in their own habitat, while playing one of the best online free slot machines of its kind.
Millions of smart gamers are playing Dolphins Slots and have ranked it really high, with all 5 and 4 star reviews!
Submerge into the game´s action and have fun amongst some of the cleverest animals in the planet, as if you were a certified diver. Get ready for the coolest ocean adventures that Dolphins Slots has for you!

★★★★ Game Features ★★★★

Free Bonus Coins every only 4 hours.

The original Wild Symbols, that replace all the rest.

The great Scatter mode, that gives extra spins.

A complete MUI (Multilingual User Interface), so that everyone can play.

Dolphin Slots can be played on Ipad, IPhone, Android and many tablets.

Free Bonus, which get you directly to the amazing Mini Games.

Many species of dolphins dwell in our planet´s waters, being the bottlenose the most common and popular of them. The second famous of this group are the orcas or “killer whales”, which also belong to the family. Some of you will be surprised to learn that dolphins are not only marine, but they also populate some rivers, such as the Amazon (Brazil) and the Yangtze (China). In fact, these buddies are classified as river dolphin species. Dolphins are extremely social and they usually live in well-defined group (called a school or a pod).

Discover the amazing Dolphins Slots, which has the biggest jackpots, 20 reels for your enjoyment and the most fantastic images and sounds of (probably) the world´s favorite animals!