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Creepiest Slot Machine

Creepiest Slot Machine

Creepiest Slot Machine

Rating: 2
Category: Mobile Slots App
King Cobra Games
App Version:
Android Version:
2.3 and up


Creepiest Slot Machine
Creepiest Slot Machine
Creepiest Slot Machine


Walking dolls with bloody butcher knives, evil clowns lurking down the hall, freaky creepers attacking from behind! Be prepared for a horror slot like never before – all of the creepiest monsters in one place!

Game Features

Weird MEGA wins!
Reel Slots and YOUR choice of line count!
► FREE Bonus Coin & Lucky Prize Wheel EVERY 4 hours
► Creepy HD graphics, Horrifying HD sound
Level Up: Free coins, MORE lines, BIGGER bet max!
Double Down on slot machine wins!
Killer dolls, auto-spins, free spins and mini games galore!
Boost your chances with boost multiplier!
► Get wild with Wildcards
Phone! Yes! Android! Yes! Pad and tablet! Try to stay alive!
Want more great games and cool apps?
Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!

It was a dark, quiet night. Everyone in the house was asleep – the perfect time to attack. The evil clown slipped down stairs in order to lock the doors – he had to trap his victims inside! Slowly, slowly the clown creeped upstairs – to where an unsuspecting family was sleeping.

The clown walks into the first bedroom, pulls the knife from his pocket and quietly approaches the bed. Two children sleeping, cozy in their beds! Suddenly, from behind the clown heard the ringing of the slot machine down the hall – there is time to play a game or two.

It’s very disturbing to see an evil doll come to life. How is it possible that the doll can look so cute when it is not attacking, but can turn into a pure devil on a rampage at night? Who would have expected such evil to come from something so cute! I guess evil likes to hide in the most innocent!

Creepiest Slot Machine is the best Horror slots on the NET! With HD hand drawn graphics and piercing HD Sound! You won’t find a better slot! This game has it all! Multiple lines, BIGGER bets and FREE SPINS. Not to mention the FREE COINS and AUTO-SPIN. If you are looking for a terrifying adventure, this is the slot for you!