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Columbus Deluxe slot

Columbus Deluxe slot

Columbus Deluxe slot

Rating: 4
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Columbus Deluxe slot
Columbus Deluxe slot
Columbus Deluxe slot


Europeans for decades dreamed of a fabulous way to India, rich in precious stones and spices. Here Christopher Columbus traveled to distant sailing with the hope of finding a short path in the pleasant land. Fate decreed otherwise, and he discovered America, for which he is grateful to all of humanity.
For example, free slot machine Columbus Deluxe you can play for hours, so captures the fascinating story and dynamic functional machine. Columbus Deluxe invites gamblers on a dangerous journey through the endless ocean. Running reel slots, newly traveler gets on the deck of the famous El Niño and goes in search of fabulous India.
Emphasizes the theme of the game graphics. On drums is an image of Columbus, the Spanish queen, sent him on a voyage of precious necklaces, sextant and caravels. Pleasant soundtrack and fun animations give a special charm gambling machine that is very enjoyable to play. After the combination goes well, the characters come to life on the drums, and special music sounds, expressing delight gamblers.
Caravel stopped at the pier, the team climbed on board. It’s time to clean up the anchor. Rather, you can not miss! Starts Columbus Deluxe, romance sea travel, excitement and big prizes are waiting for you.