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Al Pachinko

Al Pachinko

Al Pachinko

Rating: 7
Category: Mobile Slots App
App Version:
Android Version:
4.0 and up
currently not avaliable


Al Pachinko
Al Pachinko
Al Pachinko


Al is the character who guides the player in his search of wealth. A bingo with elegant and attractive colors. Their patterns, their bonus and the particular cumulative bonus make Al Pachinko Bingo a unique game.

Game Features:

    Desktop and Mobile version (Full HTML5). Specific mobile layout.

Up to 4 bingo tickets per play (5×5 size).

Stakes: 1 to 30 credits per ticket.

46 ball initial draw, plus 10 chances to buy extra balls in any round.
At least one free extra ball in every round.
High quality effects for big winnings, e.
Unique pachinko bonus: A special pattern that changes with every time the player hits it. The objective is to form in consecutive games the word pachinko giving a onetime big prize.
Free spin promotion enabled.
Keyboard input interface
Patterns and Prizes (in credits):

Bingo = 3000

The Spot = 1500

4 Lines = 500

Perimeter = 250

The Pound = 150

Pachinko bonus = 100 – 1000

3 Lines = 50

The Grid = 25

The Square = 10

2 Lines = 8

4 corners = 2

Jackpot awarded when a ticket is filled (bingo) during the initial 32 ball draw.

Contributions to Jackpot: 0. Hold.
0.4% to main jackpot
0.1% to seed jackpot

Potential prizes are shown on the tickets when the player is one number short to get the pattern.

Extra balls not purchased are shown at the end of the round.