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4 King Royale

4 King Royale

4 King Royale

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Category: Mobile Slots App
World Village Games
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2.3 and up


4 King Royale
4 King Royale
4 King Royale


King Royale is a NEW and ORIGINAL game of solitaire. Learn how to play this new solitaire with the easy to understand interactive tutorial. Try your hand at Vegas style or Standard style scoring.


    The object of the game is for you to deplete the 6 stacks of cards on the playing tableau. You do this by combining cards that equal 12. You can use up to 3 cards to do this. Ace =1, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, all others as marked. When a King shows up on the tableau, you drag it above another stack, blocking it from play. The blocked stack is released when the cards under it are used up.


    Play is between you and the house. Your Bank is always free with nothing to buy. All wagers are for fun and keeps the game challenging. Non-wagering option is available. You earn personal achievements for building your bank by playing smart. Win 50X your wager when you get a 4 King Royale. A 4 King Royale is when you have 4 Kings only on the playing tableau with no other cards showing. See first screenshot.


  • – Interactive tutorial
  • – Portrait play
  • – Designed for phones
  • – Standard Play – non-wagering
  • – Vegas Play – simulated wagering
  • – Jokers (wild card)
  • – Personal achievements
  • – Leaderboards
  • – Help hints for moves

♥ Features COMING SOON:

  • – Landscape mode
  • – Sounds
  • – Card and tabletop design options
  • – Head-to-head contests
  • Be sure to update often to take advantage of all the excitement 4 King Royale has to offer!


    Tips to improve your play, and therefore your bank balance, are posted from time to time on our Facebook page. Be sure to Like the page to be notified of new strategy tips as they are posted.

If you are a fan of traditional solitaire games like Free Cell, Tri-Peaks, Spider, and Klondike – or a fan of the casino favorite Blackjack, there is a great chance you’ll love the all new 4 King Royale solitaire. Rarely does a new form of solitaire come along, but 4 King Royale fits the bill. Solitaire games have been around a long time and there are some great ones: Free Cell Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, the classic Klondike Solitaire (and its many variations), and many more. But truly new forms are few.

The mechanics of play for 4 King Royale are Patent Pending US2016/0067590A1 and International Patent Pending WO2016/037174. It is wholly owned by World Village Games, LLC. All rights reserved.

We are a small company with an exciting new game! Give it a try and let us know about your experience with it. If you enjoy it, be sure to share with your friends.

If you need clarification, have suggestions for improvements, or other comments, you may contact us at [email protected]